Under the Magnificent Cross -
Crucifixion and Suffering with Christ


I have been saved since 6th grade in the early 80's. That has made a huge difference in my life. It changed direction for me. My thoughts and perspective changed. A classmate in Hich School asked me why don't I drink. I thought about it and said I don't really need to, so why do it. He said that is a good reason. Everyday I live with hope. The hope dimmed when at times I strayed close to the world and far away from God. It almost disappeared, but it was revived again when he brought me closer to him again. He cause all things to work good for those who love Him. - Details on my journey.
This page contains lessons learned from following, and sometimes not following Christ. This is not meant as an authoritative word on Christianity (everyone must find their own way), but as a perspective from a Christian so the Holy Spirit can guide you in your journey.


To "share his sufferings, becoming like him in His death" so that "I may attain to the resurrection from the dead." Phillipians 3:10

"The world has been crucified to me, and I to the world" Galatians 6:14


Do you have what it takes?


What I believe:

Jesus is God. Jesus's death on the cross took away our sin. Thru Jesus, we can come to God.
Bible is the true word of God.
Study to understand what God intend to say in the Bible. Is is often not what you want to hear.
Being a Christian is not about you. Is about glory to God.



Basic Salvation

Romans Chapter 7-8 Overcoming Sin

Magical Bible Verse that Will Stop You from Sinning - No Kidding

Process of Reckoning

Hopeful Message in Ecclesiastes: Life is Utterly Useless

Core of the Gospel and Salvation Really is to Do the Will of the Father

Understanding 1Corinthian 13-Love is Patient, Love is Kind...

What is God's Will

Does God Predestine Some to be Sinners?

If God is Holy and Powerful, How Can Evil Exist?

Modern Form of Idolatry

Why Does God Not Perform Miracles to Help us Believe

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My! - But Wild Animals are Not Dangerous









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