How to Become a Christian


If you read this and do what I say on this page, you will for sure see a difference in your life. Something will change.


What is It Like to Be a Christian

The bottom arrow is the current life. Spiritually is flat, it does not go anywhere. An idealized spiritual life you hope is an upward arrow progressing towards God. That may seem impossible at this point, but keep the faith.


The reality is that the actual spiritual life looks more like the next picture. Is pretty flat actually. You are not going towards God. God will tell you to do something that may be small or big. Very often, is just one thing. Your first excuse is you can’t hear God. God is not a drill sargent, so you won’t hear Him. God is patient. He will continue to urge you to take an action. Over time, you know what he wants. Second excuse is does God really want me to do this or is it just my imagination. God is persistent, so eventually, you start to realize the voice is still there.


You finally did something. You didn’t do as much as God asked, but you did it half way. It still something. You rise slightly above your former life. That relieved some of God’s calling. God know you didn’t do a good job or even much of a job at all. God is patient. He will slowly encourage you to climb a little higher. He know you, so he has a way of communicate with you.


As time goes on, you become more aware of God’s voice. You start to respond faster. God continues to tell you what to do. You continue to respond. You get higher above the current life, and response to God becomes easier. Once in a while, your self gets in the way, and you drop. God is patient. He tells you to continue. As time goes on, you will fail less, and follow God more. As you get comfortable walking towards God, you make more commitment to God. Then your spiritual life accelerates upward.

Now that you know what the journey is like. Time to ask a question.

Do you Want to Follow God?

Question is not how or what you need to do. Question is do you want to. Is a question of want. Continue to keep the faith by having a desire. Just a desire is all.

Your Answer is Yes!!!

If your answer is yes, that is the faith God wants to see. Just dwell on that decision. The answer is yes, you want to do what God tells you to. Never mind how. Just have faith that you have the desire. Faith is what pleases God.

I will tell you something now that the Holy Spirit will also affirm for you. God is incredibly, insanely holy. Think of the most holy place you can imagine with clouds all around and super quiet holy place with a bright light. That incredibly holiness is God. You cannot come to God. You cannot even talk to God. God will not have anything to do with you. You have sins. Even one tiny thing you did wrong is enough. You violated God’s holiness. You will have nothing to do with God.


Continue to keep the faith. If your desire is to do God’s will, He will direct you to this person Jesus. Jesus will say psss… I know you have this sin problem and God rejects you. Tell you what, I am God and I became a man to die on the cross. Just give me all your sins. I will put it on my shoulder, and I will go to the cross for you. I will die in your place for your sins. Just give me all your sins, then you can come to God.

God Grants you Jesus

Do not let go of your faith. When you desire to do God’s will, first He will draw you to Jesus. Jesus said “no one can come to Me unless the Father who sent me draws him.” God will draw you to Jesus when you desire to do His will. Jesus’s death is precious; the forgiveness of sin is not given to just anybody. You have to qualify. Jesus said “no one can come to Me unless it has been granted him from the Father” The qualification is the all-important question do you desire to do God’s will


The rest you are on your own. You are the only one who can pray and ask God for this. Keep the tiny faith you have. Don’t drop the faith. Pray to God that you desire to do His will. Let God draw you to Jesus. Ask Jesus to help you.

Since Jesus is God, you follow Jesus you are following God. For the rest of your life, never get tired of asking Jesus for help. Just keep following Jesus. You can even be completely illiterate, not know anything, and that will get you towards God










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