Bukobot Duo V2 - Wipping of Nozzle During Tool Change

If you are running two filament, you will find that during tool change, the un-used nozzle is still oozing out. When is time for the un-used nozzle to come back on line, it takes a while for the nozzle to be primed before filament will come out again. The end result is both a mess on the finished part from oozing, and blanked printed area. This mod will program the Bukobot to retract the un-used filament by a large number to prevent oozing out. When is time to come back on line, it will extrude a large amount over in the wipe area, then the wiper will wipe the filament from the nozzle, and ready the nozzle for print again.


Excel spreadsheet for generating the g-code.

.stl file for the holder - Part is build for #4-40 machine screws and nuts.

.stl file for the adapter - Use M3-.5 metric machine screw and nut to attach to the Z-axis rail slider.

drawing template for cutting the .5mm thick wiper plates.






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