DIY Microprocessor and ESC

Summary of Microprocessor out there. Best description I have seen to clear the fog. Link

Another even better summary: Link

Atmel Microprocessor Basics:

Also look at AVR forum It has the getting started page.

Why is AVR so popular

Programing Arduino from MIT lab.

List of all modules for the AVR

Combining assembly with C

Assembler Basice for the AVR

Nice tutor, but does not work now.

AVR Introduction:

Need a programmer to program the ATiny. Use AVRISP2 or use Arduino from MIT Lab. AVRISP2 will program more chips than using the Arduino as outlined in MIT Lab. For free programming, use the AVRSTUDIO 4 development softwar. AVR sells several versions of ATiny. ATiny 13 is used in the "The Steve". Arduino programmer supports ATiny 45 or ATiny 85. These are more powerful than the ATiny 13.

DIY Brushless ESC

Fly Electric: Transform a Turnigy Plush 6A to a esc that automatically shuts off for free flight..

AVR172: Document on ATMEL site tells you how to do brushless ESC using ATmega32M1. This person used an ATmega88p processor.

Quax's DIY speed control web page. This is the person who originated the flea. Steve copied it and sold it as "The Steve" His favorite microprocessor is the ATmega8.


AVR book. Good book step by step for the AVR using Codevision C compiler.

AVR Freaks. "Which compiler for AVR"


FFT Calculations